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We process for facilities the coverage under the Multi-Sector Industrial General Permit and Construction General Permit by submitting a completed application form for Notice of Intent (NOI) To meet the eligibility requirements of the permit is necessary to develop a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) and installs and implements control measures (BMP). You must need to submit one NOI for each facility or construction site. NOI FORM
We processAlso the No Exposure Certification (NEC) if in your facility all industrial materials or activities are located indoors or protected by a storm resistant shelter to prevent exposure to rain, snow, snow melt and/or runoff. Also AskEnvironmental will  process NOT and NOC if needed. Complete the application form to obtain your NEC. NEC FORM.

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We designed The SWP3 is a plan that we elaborate for your facility that methodically evaluates potential pollutant sources and describes specific Best Management Practices (BMP's) that your facility will implement to minimize and control pollutants that may be discharged in storm water runoff. The SWP3 is a living document that will record the progress as conditions change at the facility as a result of following the BMP. SWP3 REQUEST

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The BMP will be prepare for your environmental team as a technical tool to process activity to reduce the pollutant content of a storm water discharge. BMP's include structural and simple nonstructural methods such as good housekeeping.SWP3 REQUEST

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Benchmark Monitoring
  • First period – January through June
  • Second period – July through December
We conduct the require Visual Monitoring and Inspections in the following schedule
  • First quarter–January through March
  • Second quarter–April through June
  • Third quarter–July through September
  • Fourth quarter–October through December
    We conduct once per year the sampling that are collected for each outfall for analysis, the results will be reporting for you and included in your SWP3. Sampling and monitoring requirements vary from industry to industry. General Sampling and Monitoring requirements are conducted according to GP. Request SWP3
    AskEnvironmental,Inc provide at site training as well remote training, for SWP3, BMP, Pollution Prevention Request Training We begin monitoring during the first full monitoring period following the submittal of the NOI. Request SWP3